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While many of our upscale restaurants specialize in the world’s finest cuisines, our local dishes are rooted in the traditions and ingenuity of the former enslaved Danish plantation workers and the humble ingredients available to them. This included the fish and other seafood they caught, the vegetables and fruits they grew and less commonly used parts of livestock. These very same ingredients, along with flavorful herbs and spices, have been transformed by cooking techniques developed over generations into the delicious dishes we all enjoy today.

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Traditional dishes

Authentic island food you’ll find on local menus include fish and fungi, or “foon-jee,” a cornmeal with a light and creamy consistency similar to polenta. Stew conch, another local delicacy, uses a pressure cooker to make the meat incredibly tender. Salt fish consists of cod that’s salted for preservation and soaked overnight to make it flaky and tasty. Reef fish caught in traps, or pots, are deep-fried whole until crispy. Traditional Kallaloo soup is made with leafy greens and a hearty broth brimming with chunks of meat and fish.

Lime View Bar - St. Croix

Street food

Street food you can easily pick up and enjoy include pates — fried turnovers filled with ground meat or salt fish. Rotis are savory East Indian flatbreads rolled with curried or stewed meat and vegetables. Favorites at any island meal are Johnny cakes — slightly sweet, deep-fried dough. Another dough delight is dumb bread, baked in a lidded skillet in the ancient dum style of cooking that originated in India. The rich, golden loaves are often flavored with shredded coconut.

Rosa's Deli

Chicken fry eateries

Our aptly named chicken fry eateries are hidden culinary gems. Chicken fry restaurants specialize in scrumptious fried chicken that’s crisp and surprisingly light. The chicken is made the traditional way — seasoned and lightly coated with breading before it’s deep fried. Although there are typically other dishes on the menu, including stews, the fried chicken is a must order!

Sion Farm Distillery

Puerto Rican dishes

Puerto Rican influences can be found throughout our islands, especially on St. Croix. A traditional dish you’ll likely see on restaurant menus is mofongo, which is made up of mashed and fried green plantains. Other plantain delicacies you’ll want to try include amarillos and tostones. Although seafood and beef appear on Puerto Rican menus, perhaps the most luscious dish is lechón asado, or slow-roasted pork. Side it with arroz con habichuelas, a rice-and-beans comfort food.

Two Plus Two - St. Croix


Distilling juiced sugar cane into liquor is an art and science that has been perfected at Cruzan Rum on St. Croix since 1760, overseen by the same family for generations. Cruzan Rum’s award-winning taste is a result of careful blending and aging the spirit in charred, new-oak barrels. Popular rum drinks you’ll find on our islands include the painkiller and piña colada.

Bartender at Bajo el Sol

Local drinks

Our islands are home to many tasty local drinks you’ll want to seek out and try. Bush teas are made with herbs and spices, many with healing medicinal properties, that are primarily available at farmers markets. Maubi is a slightly spicy drink flavored with tree bark and allspice. A little harder to find, but also delicious, is sea moss — a mix of seaweed, honey, vanilla and nutmeg.

Surf N' Turf Bistro - St. Thomas

Upscale dining

All three of our islands are home to sophisticated fine dining restaurants, often located in town or at luxe resorts. Some of the restaurants, especially on St. Thomas and St. John, are perched high up in the hills and boast spectacular ocean views. You’ll also find restaurants that focus on a specific country’s cuisine, such as Italian. But most take the best local and imported ingredients and turn them into uniquely crafted dishes.

Stone House in St. Thomas

Beach bars

Our friendly beach bars are the ideal place to sip a frozen tropical drink (made with locally distilled rum) while soaking up the sea breeze and swaying to the rhythms of a live band. Be sure to visit one or more while you’re on the islands.

Magen Bay Beach Bar

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