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Situated high in the rainforest of St. Peter Mountain, Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline Park features six adrenaline-pumping ziplines connected to eight treetop platforms. After being outfitted with your safety equipment, the fun begins with an exhilarating truck ride to the top of the mountain in an authentic six-wheel drive Pinzgauer. Soak in the sweeping bird’s-eye views of Magens Bay and the islands beyond as you travel through the treeline at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Kids can zipline either tandem or solo, as long as they weigh at least 70 pounds.  

Hop on the Skyride to Paradise Point, an aerial tram that whisks visitors 700 feet above St. Thomas Harbor. Souvenir shops, an open-air bistro, a bar serving its signature Baileys Bushwacker cocktail, and incredible views from the new Skywalk await at the top. On sunny days you can see St. Croix in the distance. 

Come face-to-face with a dolphin, sea lion or even a shark at Coral World Ocean Park, where marine animal lovers can choose from various trainer-guided encounters. Don a mask and dive into their underwater world to learn how the animals are cared for by their trainers and how we can help protect them in the wild. Visitors can also kayak alongside coastal bottlenose dolphins to experience their speed and agility as they swim in their vast ocean habitat. Or set off on Sea Lion’s Lost Treasure Adventure, an escape room-style hunt for clues around Coral World Action Park, followed by an encounter with a South American sea lion.

Swim, snorkel or kayak the turquoise waters of Brewers Bay Beach and see if you can spot the sea turtles that call this calm bay home. Popular with locals, you’ll often find food trucks parked on the edge of the pristine, white-sand beach. 


Two-thirds of Buck Island Reef National Monument is surrounded by a coral barrier reef, providing a protected ecosystem for marine life. Dive or snorkel the underwater trail, where plaques showcase the 250 fish species that live in the 4,554-acre-long reef. It takes about 45 minutes to hike the easy trail that traverses the island, from the low-lying beach forest through hillsides to the island’s crest, where a stunning view of the coral reefs in the ocean below awaits. 

Snorkel the Annaly Bay Tide Pools, a series of large, naturally formed pools teeming with marine life, situated on St. Croix’s North Shore. You’ll need to pack your snorkeling gear and water shoes (the tide pool rocks can be slippery) and hike through a lush rainforest for about 2.5 miles to reach the hidden tide pools. On the hike, keep your eyes peeled for millipedes, lizards and tall termite nests. 

Paddle the Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve at night to experience the mesmerizing bioluminescent bay. The movement of the kayak through the water makes the glowing organisms appear like tiny, floating stars. Rent a glass-bottomed kayak to be fully surrounded by this natural phenomenon. 

Hike the 3.6-mile Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve Trail through the upland forest to a natural beach, where you can swim out and snorkel among 400+ species of fish — including four-eyed butterfly fish, trumpetfish and sergeant majors — that inhabit the pristine offshore barrier reef. The beach is home to one of the largest nesting populations of green and hawksbill turtles in USVI, so keep an eye out for delicate turtle nests.


History and outdoor adventures merge at the Virgin Islands National Park, where visitors can hike to historic plantation sites, see the Indigenous Taino’s ancient petroglyphs and snorkel coral reefs to mingle with magnificent marine life, all in one day. Thirty hiking trails meander through diverse landscapes, including a bay rum tree-filled forest and dry cactus-dotted scrubland.

Swim or snorkel the 650-foot-long Trunk Bay and Coral Reef Underwater Park Trail. Underwater plaques highlight all the fish, turtles, and plants you’re sure to spot in the crystal-clear waters.   

HIke the 2.3-mile-long Lind Point hiking trails, which wind through the northwestern corner of St. John from Cruz Bay to Salomon and Honeymoon beaches. Extend the adventure by renting a kayak on Honeymoon Beach and paddling the beautiful bay. 

Snorkel in search of the sea turtles that live in the bay just off the coconut palm-dotted white sands of Maho Bay Beach. Maho Bay features several large seagrass areas that are ideal for viewing turtles. Maho Bay Beach also has food and drink vendors just across the street, along with snorkeling, kayak and SUP rentals.

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