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Bioluminescence in the Caribbean Sea is a natural phenomenon in which parts of the ocean light up at night with a blue glow, caused by microorganisms such as plankton and jellyfish emitting light due to a chemical reaction. Embark on a night paddle with Sea Thru Kayaks VI’s Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour through Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve to see this incredible sight. As you glide along the waters your paddle will “ignite” the magical bioluminescent effect. From your clear-bottomed kayak you’ll witness a hidden world come alive under the moonlit sky. Spot sea turtles, rays and jellyfish beneath you, making this two-hour journey a truly enchanting experience.

By day, Salt River Bay is just as exciting when explored by kayak. On the Virgin Kayak Tours Salt River Bay Day Tour you’ll journey along the calm Caribbean waters from the comfort of a sturdy Hobie Mirage pedal kayak. Explore mangrove estuaries, learn about the indigenous Taino people and watch as migratory birds take flight. The serene kayak experience offers a blend of relaxation and education, providing insight into the island’s pre-Columbian history and the ecological significance of the bay. It’s the ideal adventure for beginners and children.


The Virgin Islands Ecotours Cas Cay Kayak, Hike & Snorkeling Eco Tour is an immersive 3-hour paddle to Cas Cay, a deserted island off St. Thomas. The trip begins with a paddle through narrow mangrove waterways, leading to the cay, where a moderately challenging hike past tidal pools, volcanic cliffs and a fascinating geological blowhole awaits. Participants are then treated to a guided snorkeling session in the clear, protected waters surrounding the tiny island. The tour is family friendly and includes all necessary equipment, such as snorkels, masks, kayaks, paddles and life jackets. 

Meet the sea turtles that call the U.S. Virgin Islands home during the VI Turtle Tour with St. Thomas Adventure Tours. This captivating, small group eco-adventure promises an intimate encounter with sea turtles in their natural habitat. The tour includes guided snorkeling, so participants can observe these graceful creatures up close as they swim through the water or feed on seagrass. Turtle sightings are guaranteed! You’ll also kayak along the picturesque coastline, past vibrant coral reefs, and can even dive in for a swim along the way.


The Night Kayak GLOW Tour experience begins at The Westin St. John Resort Villas, where participants get their glow on with neon paint and photos before embarking on a 45-minute journey under the stars in clear-bottom kayaks illuminated by LED lights. Along the way, you’ll meet marine life in the cove’s clear waters, including tarpons and stingrays, while the murkier Pirate Waters offer a thrilling, spooky paddle along the shoreline. Night Kayak also offers the St. John Night SUP for experienced paddleboarders interested in adding a bit of balance to their adventure!

Arawak Expeditions offers both half- and full-day guided kayak and snorkel adventures along the pristine shores of St. John. Hop into a top-quality Wilderness System touring kayak — singles and doubles are available — and paddle toward the hidden sea gems of St. John. The half-day tour is perfect for beginners and seasoned adventurers alike. The crew provides comprehensive instruction before paddling to Honeymoon Beach, and you’ll stop for some snorkeling at Henley Cay. The full-day tour is tailored for kayakers who want to explore off-the-beaten path St. John sights, and includes stops at three surrounding cays plus a picnic lunch.

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