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St. Croix

By the water or under the sea, there’s a surprise around every reef, cove and dune.

Whether you seek surf and seclusion or excitement and adventure, St. Croix will satisfy your every desire.

The easternmost place in the United States offers a variety of unique diversions, from pristine beaches to fascinating historical sites.

Absorb Crucian culture in Christiansted and Frederiksted, the two largest towns on the island, explore Buck Island—one of only three underwater national monuments in the U.S—or just enjoy the Caribbean sun on one of our many breathtaking beaches. On St. Croix, there is simply no excuse not to have fun.


Annaly Bay


It is well worth the necessary hike to access Annaly Bay. After conquering the difficult and scenic trek, reward yourself by relaxing in the tide pools and enjoying the excellent snorkeling.

Butler Bay


Come and relax on this quiet beach located in Frederiksted. Any passing ships will be visible from Butler Bay. Explore the tide pools inhabited by many small fish.

Cane Bay Beach


Located on North Shore Road, Cane Bay Beach offers a wide sandy beach with moderate surf, great diving and snorkeling. A full-service dive shop, along with the hotels and restaurants nearby, make this a great place to hang out.

Chenay Bay Beach


Home to a hotel with the same name, this cozy beach is open to the public. Windsurfers, snorkel gear, kayaks and sunfish rentals are available. There is also a beachside bar, restaurant and children’s playground.

Coakley Bay Beach


Located on the east end of St. Croix, Coakley Bay Beach is a long and mostly deserted strip of beach with a lot of seaweed. The rocky water makes for some great snorkeling. There are also many areas with a sandy bottom that are good for swimming.

Columbus Landing/Salt River Bay National Historic Park


This beach is named after Christopher Columbus, who landed here during his second voyage in 1493. Here Columbus encountered a Carib Indian tribe, leading to the first documented conflict between Native Americans and Europeans. Today the area is a protected national park.

Cramer's Park


A great beach that’s very popular with residents on weekends for family picnics, parties and camping.

Davis Bay


A long, sandy white beach, located at the Carambola Beach Resort, Davis Bay is quiet and serene. If surf conditions are right, visitors can body surf. Otherwise, hammocks provide a comfortable spot to meditate.

Dorsch Beach


A pretty little beach located a short distance from Frederiksted, Dorsch Beach is a popular spot on weekends for family picnics and gatherings.

Fort Frederik Beach/Frederiksted Beach


Known by residents as Frederiksted Beach, Fort Frederik Beach is walking distance from Frederiksted and the Ann E. Abramson Pier. It is also a popular evening spot, both for fishing and sunset watching.