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Visitors to St. Croix will see traces of St. Croix's rich cultural diversity in the island's distinctive arts, crafts, music and festivals. “Mocko Jumbies” (traditional stilt dancers thought to chase away evil spirits), reggae and calypso, steel pan bands and pulsating salsa are among the captivating sights and sounds that add to the island's cultural mix. The Caribbean Dance Company (CDC), an ensemble that preserves and teaches the dance heritage of the Caribbean and West Indian culture, established itself on St. Croix in 1977. Its traditional folk dance performances, many with African roots, can be seen on the island all year round.

St. Croix's unique culture is still celebrated in customs such as the European-inspired "quadrille" dance and "quelbe," or "scratch," music. The early settlers' tradition of dancing from estate to estate has evolved into an organized town parade, performed to the sounds of drums, flutes, trumpets and gourds that are "scratched" for percussion.

The Crucian Christmas Festival, one of St. Croix's most popular events, includes a month-long celebration that culminates in the Three Kings Day parade. Check out the St. Croix Events Calendar for more information on exciting events in St. Croix.

Historic Places of Worship

Holy Cross Catholic Church

Originally built in 1755, Holy Cross was extensively altered in the 1850s. It was built in the shape of a cross to represent St. Croix which means “holy cross” in French. It is located on Queen Street in Christiansted. 340-773-7564.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

This simple church was built in 1792 to replace an earlier wood structure built in 1766. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is located on Hospital and Hill Street in Frederiksted. 340-772-3658.

Lord God of Sabaoth Lutheran Church

Built in the 1740s, the Lutheran Church is St. Croix’s oldest church. Originally the Dutch Reformed Church, it was transferred to the Lutherans in 1834. Lord God of Sabaoth Lutheran Church is located on King Street in Christiansted. 340-773-1320.

The Moravian Mission at Friedensthal

Located on the outskirts of Christiansted, this mission is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was established in the mid 1700s by Germans who named the area Estate Friedensthal which translates to “valley of peace” in German. It originally served as a Moravian mission, a church and a plantation. The mission also served for a time as a training center for parishioners in trades and reading and writing.

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

Built in 1848 to meet the rising expectation of Emancipation, the church expanded shortly after construction to accommodate a growing congregation. Built from local cut limestone, the west entry façade has elements of both Gothic Revival and Neo-Classical style. St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church is located on Prince and Market Street in Frederiksted. 340-772-0138.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Anglican Church

This hybrid church combines an 1812 West Indian hipped roof structure featuring classical and local details with a Neo-Gothic, three-tiered tower built in 1848. St. Paul’s Anglican Church is located on Prince Street in Frederiksted. 340-772-0818.

Made in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Armstrong Ice Cream
Phone: 340-772-1919
Cindy Male Art & Yoga Studios
Phone: 340-277-8651
Crucian Gold
Toll Free: 877-773-5241
Phone: 340-773-5241
Danica Art Gallery
Phone: 340-719-6000
Design Works Island Living Store
Phone: 340-713-8102, 340-643-1952
Ecliff's Arts and Crafts
Phone: 340-719-4720, 340-474-1702
ib Designs
Phone: 340-773-4322
LEAP (Live Environmental Arts Project)
Phone: 340-772-0421
Many Hands
Phone: 340-773-1990
Toll Free: 877-766-9284
Phone: 340-778-8605
St. Croix Landmarks Society Museum Store
Phone: 340-772-0598
St. George Village Botanical Garden Museum Store
Phone: 340-692-2874
Tropical Bracelet Factory Outlet
Phone: 340-719-0672

Links to Cultural Organizations

Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts
Phone: 340-772-2622
CHANT (Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism, Inc.)


Phone: 340-719-5455
St. Croix Landmarks Society


Phone: 340-772-0598

Cultural Events

  • Location: Rudy Schulterbrandt Fair Grounds,
  • Department of Agriculture
Phone: 340-778-0997
Date: President's Weekend
Christmas Spoken Here
  • Frederiksted
  • Location: Botanical Gardens
Phone: 340-692-2874
Date: December
Classical Candlelight Concert
  • Frederiksted
  • Location: Whim Greathouse
Phone: 340-772-0598
Date: Nov.-April
Contract Day
  • Location: Frederiksted Town
Phone: 340-772-5063
Date: October 1
Crucian Christmas Festival
  • Location: Towns
Phone: 340-719-3379
Date: December/January
D. Hamilton Jackson/Liberty Day Celebration
  • Frederiksted
  • Location: Estate Grove Place
Date: November 1
Emancipation Celebration
  • Location: Frederiksted
  • Buddhoe park
Phone: 340-277-7485
Date: July 3
Gala at the Garden
  • Frederiksted
  • Location: Botanical Gardens
Phone: 340-692-2874
Date: December
Mango Melee
  • Location: St. George Village Botanical Gardens
  • Frederiksted
Phone: 340-692-2874
Date: July
Quadrille Dances
  • Frederiksted
  • Location: St. Gerard's Hall
Phone: 340-772-0138
Date: Seasonal
Ruins Rumble
  • Location: Estate Whim Plantation Museum
  • Frederiksted
Phone: 340-772-0598
Date: Jan.-April
Starving Artist
  • Location: Estate Whim Plantation Museum
  • Frederiksted
Phone: 340-772-0598
Date: March/November Last Sunday in the month
Transfer Day
  • Location: Lawaetz Museum Estate, Little La Grange
Phone: 340-772-1539
Date: March
Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Friendship
  • Location: Towns
Phone: 340-778-6446
Date: Columbus Weekend October