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St. Croix

By the water or under the sea, there’s a surprise around every reef, cove and dune.

Whether you seek surf and seclusion or excitement and adventure, St. Croix will satisfy your every desire.

The easternmost place in the United States offers a variety of unique diversions, from pristine beaches to fascinating historical sites.

Absorb Crucian culture in Christiansted and Frederiksted, the two largest towns on the island, explore Buck Island—one of only three underwater national monuments in the U.S—or just enjoy the Caribbean sun on one of our many breathtaking beaches. On St. Croix, there is simply no excuse not to have fun.


Northstar Bay


Northstar Bay has direct access to The Wall, a world-famous dive site. If you do not want to dive the steepest wall in the world, come enjoy the snorkeling instead.

Pelican Cove Beach


Located at The Palms at Pelican Cove Beach Resort, this long, sandy beach is good for snorkeling. Enjoy the beachside bar and restaurant.

Protestant Cay


Take a three-minute ferry ride from Christiansted to Protestant Cay, home of Hotel on the Cay. The little sandy beach on Protestant Cay is delightful for sunning, swimming and enjoying the stunning view of the Christiansted and Fort Christiansvearn. (The ferry operates daily from the boardwalk next to Fort Christiansvearn from 7 am to 6 pm and costs $3 round trip.)

Public Beach


Less than a mile left of the Frederiksted Pier, Public Beach is a favorite among the locals on weekends. Take advantage of the shade under fruit trees at this sandy beach and take in a gorgeous sunset.

Rainbow Beach


Rainbow Beach is a small, sandy bay that’s great for swimming. On weekends it’s a favorite hangout for enjoying live music and playing volleyball.

Reef Beach


The Reef is a small, quiet beach popular with windsurfers. Enjoy a great view of Buck Island and a beachside restaurant.

Sand Castle Beach


A nice shady beach with calm waters and good snorkeling, there are two hotels here: Sandcastle on the Beach and Cottages by the Sea.

Sandy Point


This three-mile beach is the longest in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is located at the southwest end of St. Croix, just south of Frederiksted. Part of the 380-acre Sandy Point Wildlife Preserve, the beach is an important nesting area for the endangered leatherback turtle. The dirt access road is open Saturday and Sunday. The beach may be closed during the turtle-nesting season, from March through August.

Shoy’s Beach


One of St. Croix’s most appealing beaches, Shoy’s Beach is great for swimming, exercising and sunbathing. Enter at the Buccaneer Hotel’s entrance, then take a right into the Shoy’s subdivision.

Smuggler's Cove


Smuggler's Cove is secluded and relatively quiet. Surrounded by a coral reef, its deep, murky waters are filled with marine life. Further down the beach there is a section of clear, shallow water to relax in.