Feature Film "Timeless: A Virgin Islands Love Story" to Stream on Amazon Prime on September 6, 2023

U.S. Virgin Islands – August 11, 2023 - "Timeless: A Virgin Islands Love Story," a captivating feature-length movie, will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime starting September 6, 2023. The date holds special significance as it marks the anniversary of Hurricane Irma's devastating impact on the Virgin Islands. This hurricane deeply affected the lives of many, including the film's writer, producer, and director, Edward La Borde, Jr.

The film was entirely produced and shot in the Virgin Islands, and it proudly showcases the talents of Virgin Islanders both in front of and behind the camera. This remarkable production caught the attention of multi-platinum recording artist and music producer, D'Wayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone, who lent his expertise to elevate the movie's soundtrack and secure a distribution channel. As a result, "Timeless" finds its way to the global audience through Amazon Prime Video, courtesy of the "Oakland Film and TV Company."

Director and story writer, Edward La Borde Jr, breathes life into "Timeless" with two enthralling love stories, each set in different eras but intriguingly connected. The film follows the tale of Ajuwa, a young Ghanaian warrior who loses her soul mate to the slave trade. Their souls reunite in the present as Malinda Benjamin, a Senator in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Alphonse Walcott, a gifted writer returning home from New York. However, their relationship takes a tumultuous turn when Alphonse falls in love with Bianca, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic. As the past and present intertwine, the true nature of their spiritual connection in this transcendental love triangle is revealed. "Timeless" paints a vivid picture of the Virgin Islands' beautiful colors, emotions, and culture, with Carnival serving as a significant backdrop that showcases the history and heritage of the island nation and the Caribbean region, linked to the African Diaspora.

Featuring a stellar cast including K'misha-Victoria Counts, Brummell Germain, Monai Greene, Julien Baa, Sulay Peñalo, Elaine Jacobs, Bianca Castillo, Shanaka Harris, Margarite Aqustine, Laurel Samuel, and Americo Cabrera, "Timeless" promises to leave audiences with a profound appetite for more of Director La Borde's artistry.

Edward La Borde Jr., the visionary behind "Timeless," shares, "The story started with visions of life in Africa in the 1800s, the true history of slavery, and a slave girl running from the storm. Then I became passionate about telling a love story between a regular guy and a girl who felt ashamed of her circumstances. Inspired by the movie 'Black Orpheus,' I created my own tale and connected the parallels through a storyteller and lucid dreams."

The making of "Timeless" was a three-year-long journey, filmed across 26 locations in the U.S. Virgin Islands, including St. Thomas and St. Croix. The breathtaking natural beauty of America's Paradise provided the backdrop for the modern-day love story set during the Carnival on St. Thomas. Capturing the essence of the Virgin Islands' culture, the movie incorporates music, dance, folklore, and colloquial expressions.

The cast, comprising local actors, breathed life into their characters, ensuring cultural authenticity and sensitivity throughout the production. The film's locations, such as the Whim Museum on St. Croix and the Legislature Building, added depth and production value to the narrative. Notably, the beach scenes were shot at the picturesque Lindquist Beach on St. Thomas, bringing a touch of realism to the story.

The movie's soundtrack, meticulously crafted by D'Wayne Wiggins, adds soulfulness and emotion to the unfolding love story. The film's music also features an original song titled "Can't Fight the Feeling," created by D'Wayne specifically for the film.

"Timeless: A Virgin Islands Love Story" is a heartfelt tribute to the resilience and rich cultural heritage of the Virgin Islands. Audiences worldwide are invited to experience this poignant tale of love and connection when it streams on Amazon Prime starting September 6, 2023.

Commissioner of Tourism, Joseph Boschulte, expressed his excitement about the film, stating, "We are thrilled to see the Virgin Islands showcased in such a captivating production. 'Timeless' captures the essence of our islands' history, culture, and natural beauty, and we look forward to sharing this story with the world."

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