The Department of Tourism looks forward to welcoming you to the U.S. Virgin Islands! Our recovery from last year’s storms has been very strong. Power has been restored, beaches and attractions have reopened, restaurants are serving up extraordinary dishes, and the USVI spirit is as warm and inviting as ever. Airlines and cruise lines have returned to our shores, and many hotels, bed and breakfasts and condominiums are available to overnight visitors even as our rebuilding work continues. The USVI yachting industry is unrivaled, and we have wonderful villas to accommodate groups large and small. More hotels will open near the end of 2018, and we are confident we will have an even better tourism product. Please contact your airline, accommodations provider and/or travel advisor for specific updates before you travel. The best way to continue help the Territory is to visit us! Also, please visit for more details. #USVIStillNice

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Cinnamon Bay Amphitheater
  • Cinnamon Bay Campground

Representaciones históricas, demostraciones, charlas del Parque Nacional

Teléfono: 340-776-6201
St. John School of the Arts

Conciertos musicales, talleres de danza, clases de arte, eventos culturales

Teléfono: 340-779-4322

Bandas & Baile

Caneel Bay Resort - Cerrado
  • Viernes de 20 hs. a 22 hs.

Koko y la Sunshine Band

Teléfono: 340-776-6111
Sábados de 20 hs. a 22 hs.
  • Salt Pond Bay
Teléfono: 340-693-5855
Música en vivo los jueves de 17:30 hs. a 20 hs.
Shipwreck Landing - CERRADO
  • Ubicación: Coral Bay

Música en vivo

Teléfono: 340-693-5640
Miércoles, jueves y domingos de 19 hs. a 22 hs.
Skinny Legs
  • Coral Bay

Música en vivo durante la temporada

Teléfono: 340-779-4982
Jueves a sabados de 19 hs. a 22 hs.

Calypso & Reggae

Fred’s Restaurant & Bar
  • Cruz Bay

Inner Visions, Cool Sessions, Wrecktion bands

Teléfono: 340-776-6363

Guitarra, Teclado & Variedades

Aqua Bistro - CERRADO
  • Coral Bay

Mark Wallace en guitarra y voz

Teléfono: 340-776-5336
Viernes de 17:30 hs. a 20:30 hs.
Morgan’s Mango - CERRADO
  • Ubicación: Cruz Bay
  • Greg Kinslow y Shakima Jones los martes de 18 hs. a 22 hs.
Teléfono: 340-693-8141
Mark Wallace los jueves de 18 hs. a 22 hs.
Ocean Grille
  • Mongoose Junction

Música en vivo

Teléfono: 340-693-3304
De martes a viernes comenzando a las 18 hs.
Woody’s Seafood Saloon
  • Cruz Bay

Música, comida y conversaciones

Teléfono: 340-779-4625
7 días a la semana

Jazz & Blues

Bar en la playa
  • Wharfside Village

Steve Simon y los Jazz Islanders

Teléfono: 340-777-4220
Domingos de 14 hs. a 19:30 hs.
La Tapa
  • Cruz Bay
Teléfono: 340-693-7755
Como de samba Lunes de 19 hs. a 22 hs.

Tambores Metálicos & Calypso

Fred’s Restaurant & Bar
  • Cruz Bay
Teléfono: 340-776-6363
Inner Visions, Cool Sessions, Wrecktion bands