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Dozens of national parks, preserves and refuges. Eco accommodations offering a perfect sustainable hideaway. Local cuisine in one of the many restaurants that support farm-to-fork initiatives. No matter what sustainable activity you choose to do in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you’ll feel like part of the environment and the local culture that we help preserve.

There are six national parks throughout the three islands. Some inland and some featuring amazingly bio-diverse reefs, like the Buck Island Reef National Monument located in St. Croix. But if you’re more into hiking, St. John alone has over 11,500 acres of protected land for you to feel in harmony with nature. Or take a trip to the past with the preserved 19th-century fortifications of Hassel Island in St. Thomas.
The Virgin Islands offer several options in terms of eco-friendly properties and businesses, including dozens of eco resorts and villas, as well as restaurants and bars that grow their own ingredients and pick them right before serving to you.
The hardcore geotourist will also enjoy voluntarism projects such as beach cleanups, learning to grow your own food at a Green Globe certified farm and several other hands-on educational activities.
The U.S. Virgin Islands are proud of all they have to offer in terms of culture and nature. And preserving all through environmentally sustainable tourism and practices makes it not only more special, but long lasting, for generations to come.

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