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St. John

Leave your cares behind as you discover a hidden island treasure.

With its incredible tranquility and carefully preserved natural beauty, St. John is truly one of the most unforgettable places you will ever visit.

An escape from your escape, St. John is one of the world's most exclusive island paradises. Accessible only by ferry from the other islands, an excursion to St. John offers you a retreat like no other.




The beauty of St. John’s beaches is legendary.

Cinnamon Bay


This beach offers plenty of watersport activities, including snorkeling, windsurfing and kayaking. Explore the old beachfront Danish building, a temporary museum for the National Park Service’s archaeological excavation in the area or wander the self-guided half-mile loop Cinnamon Bay trail.

Francis Bay


A calm and secluded spot just past a salt pond, Francis Bay is accessible either by car or scenic hiking trail.

Hawksnest Beach


One of St. John’s most beautiful and convenient beaches, Hawksnest Beach offers plenty of parking, picnic tables and barbecue grills. A great snorkeling reef starts a few yards from the shore.

Honeymoon Beach


Accessible by boat and hiking trail, Honeymoon Beach offers great snorkeling and calm shallow waters.

Jumbie Bay


This small jewel of a bay is located on the north shore of the island and accessed by a set of steps from the main road.

Leinster Bay


Adjacent to the Annaberg Ruins, this quiet bay is popular with boaters and snorkelers. Look out for turtles, starfish and stingrays while snorkeling out to Waterlemon Cay, a small spit at the mouth of the bay.

Maho Bay


Known for its calm and shallow water, Maho Bay is popular with families, locals and boaters.

Salt Pond Bay


This scenic bay on St. John’s south shore offers a secluded beach with good swimming and snorkeling. There are several hiking trails, one of which leads to a salt pond.

Trunk Bay


This breathtakingly beautiful beach, with soft white powdery sand, is one of the most popular in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The National Park maintains an underwater snorkeling trail at Trunk Bay with underwater signs providing a wealth of interesting information.